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Welcome to Point Webster!

The Point Webster Middle School hosts QPS Pre-K programming and serves as a fifth through eighth grade middle school situated in the Quincy Point Community. Originally, the Daniel Webster Elementary School opened in 1917 and expanded in 1928 to form Point Junior High School. A renovation took place in 1998 to bring us Point Webster Middle School which reopened in 1999.

Point Webster Middle School provides quality education to an energetic and culturally diverse population. Point's mission is to nurture and foster our students to become lifelong learners and positive members of their community.

Point is a collaboration of students, parents, staff, business, and community dedicated to creating a comprehensive educational experience of the highest quality, cultivated within an atmosphere of high expectations, mutual respect and commitment to excellence.

2023-2024 Point Webster Student Handbook

Quincy Public Schools Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

Message from the Principal of Point Webster:

First and foremost, Point Webster Middle School's vision ensures a positive, safe, secure, and nurturing environment where students are taught the skills necessary to become successful citizens, not only in our school but in the community.

Point Webster Middle School fosters a commitment to the rigorous educational standards required by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as well as through the common core values. In addition, Point's diverse population displays a unique quality that fosters an environment of respect and tolerance for others. Point encompasses a diverse population that prides itself on the appreciation of cultural differences.

Most importantly, Point Webster Middle School continuously strives to prepare students with the skills necessary to become healthy model citizens in the community. Our staff prepares students with the ability to work collaboratively to problem solve, think critically, and communicate effectively and successfully.

Principal: Christine Barrett, 617-984-6600

Assistant Principal: Susan DeCoste, 617-984-6600