Welcome to the Point Webster Middle School Library!

Point Webster School SignThe goal of our library is to make reading and literacy enjoyable and exciting! We want everyone to feel that our library provides an important resource to all our students.

Our library is more than books in a room. We provide access to computers and media. We help students with research. Students learn critical reading and analytic skills that can help them succeed not only in school but in their everyday lives.

When our library isn't available, you can visit the Thomas Crane Library's website for many great resources you can access remotely. You can also visit TCPL's YouTube page for video tutorials on using the different  databases. 

We have a special page where you can get reading suggestions, and we'll be setting up space for book reviews, links requested by teachers, and more. Want to see something featured on that page? Email the librarian!

Stop in to our library and see what we have for you!